Related Projects

Related Projects

LIFE Montado-Adapt

Is a project to promote the adaptation of the Montado/Dehesa system in Portugal and Spain, which main objective is to mitigate the consequences of climate change, increasing the sustainability at an economic, social and environmental level.

LIFE DesertAdapt

Demonstrate innovative climate change adaptation strategies and technologies to improve soil quality, soil conservation and vegetation in both private and public farms located in Mediterranean areas at risk of desertification.

LIFE ForestAdapt

Increase the resilience of southern European forests to climate change by including adaptation measures in public and private forest management plans and develop a Technical Reference for Management and Forestry with climate change adaptation.

LIFE Landscape Fire

Develop large-scale measures to prevent forest fires, preserve biodiversity, increase forest resilience, empower decision-makers regarding the benefits of prevention, as well as identify a set of options and measures for local adaptation.

LIFE LiveAdapt

 Multidisciplinary team of entities from Spain, Portugal and France will identify and assess, for four years (2018-2022), solutions for the adaptation to climate change of extensive livestock production models in southern Europe.

LIFE Regenerate

Demonstrate the feasibility of integrated pasture management based on silvopastoral systems. These important areas, which are under threat, can become self-sufficient and profitable based on the efficient use of resources.